The Geometric Collection

These quilts use, or are inspired by, traditional patchwork patterns. The geometry and colour placement can lead to very contemporary works of art that would not be out of place in a conference room or on whitewashed studio walls.


For the lap quilts, I still love the old patterns. They remain beautiful, also in present-day living rooms. Our own lap quilts are cherished daily, in the evenings when reading a book. And yes, they can be washed gently - did you ever think of giving someone a personalised baby quilt?


The works presented here are not availabe anymore, but it would be my pleasure to discuss a color scheme and size befitting your environment.


One of my favourite colour combinations, green and purple. The quilted seaweeds, embroidered spirals and sea stars turned it into a waterscape.

Hand-dyed cotton.

95 x 75 cm

Almost Black & White

Black & white, but not quite. The fabrics are actually very dark blue and a creamy pattern batik. The red accents and quilting lines add the required little touch of colour.

137 x 106 cm

Nothing more to be said, the title says it all. A graphic color statement in silk.

50 x 70 cm

Silk Squares

Sunflowers for Bernice

The customer wanted a warm-coloured, sunflower-inspired quilt for his wife. It was to be abstract, not floral in style.​ 

Batiks and hand-dyed cottons;

150 x 115 cm

De Wind in het Koren

A lap quilt with a traditional Nine Patch pattern. The colours are inspired by ripening grain.

Traditional cotton fabrics.

150 x 120 cm

After Eight

A lap quilt with Log Cabin blocks. However, they are not set in their usual dark/light juxtaposition.

The brown and mint green paisley patterns reminded me of the chocolates, hence the name.

160 x 110 cm

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Almost Black and White