The Storytelling Collection

With these art quilts, my imagination took over. There is a story behind them, that may resonate with you. The fabrics are a mixture of hand dyes and commercial fabrics. Sometimes, when I really wanted to express something, I drew and printed unto them until I achieved the desired effect.  


Inspired by chaos and whirlpools, at the same time magnetic, soothing and vibrant.  

Multiple layers of silk and other fabrics, ribbons and intense machine quilting in patterns that emphasize the movement.

100 x 100 cm

Phoenician Ruins

A memory of my original (archaeological) interests. This little quilt was inspired by Phoenician ruins. It involved little piecing. The design is mainly created by drawing with stitch.


Mounted on fabric-covered canvas.   

40 x 40 cm

This tiny piece is mounted on a fabric-covered canvas.

The hexagon shrubs and trees are made using English paper piecing, a hand-piecing technique requiring quite some patience. The little boat is appliquéd.


It is combined with machine quilting to represent the movement in the air and the grasses on the riverbank. 

30 x 30 cm

La Barca

Summer Bottles

A wonderful summer evening, lunch in the garden.  

Silk and cottons; Intense machine quilting to add texture and movement.

100 x 110 cm

Shadow Bottles

Different colors, but also a strong and happy quilt.

Silk, linen and cottons; Intense machine quilting to add texture and movement.

100 x 100 cm

Bottles in green

More bottles, yes indeed, I was hooked by them for a while. So many possibilities to explore a theme.


In this case: hand-dyed green cotton, bleached to give the bubbly effect. The negative space between the bottles lent itself to quilting glass shapes.

87 x 44 cm

La Pause, les Mémoires, les Espoirs

This quilt was made for and accepted into the contest of the Carrefour Européen.  

Silk and hand-dyed cottons; Intense machine quilting to add texture and movement. Additional hand-embroidery.

100 x 100 cm

Mysterious moondrops: potion or poison?

Hand-dyed cottons, batiks; Intense machine quilting to reinforce the mystical atmosphere. Additional hand embroidery. 

120 x 120 cm


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