For all those who know me, my style is a clear representation of my character. A constant battle between my analytical, organized left brain and the chaotic, storytelling, intuitive right half. In my quiltmaking, I have decided to give both halves equal rights - they just have to take turns in my creations. Sometimes, I feel the urge to make a geometrical and abstract quilt, the primary task of which is to make a powerful colour statement in the room. At other times, my imagination takes over and little stories develop. Isn’t it wonderful to dream away?


I treat my quilts as pieces of art. They are a natural part of my home decoration and fit in seamlessly with modern paintings and furniture. They suit whitewashed studio walls as well as cozy country manors or stylish office areas. The fabric adds warmth and luxury – especially since I love using silk in combination with other beautiful textures. And colours, wonderful colours.

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Caroline Klinckhamers - Bergstraat 28 - 3870 Heers - Belgium

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